Sunday, July 8, 2012

Municipal Waste Remains Solid With The Fatal Feast

One of the best contemporary crossover thrash bands in the world, Municipal Waste stays strong with The Fatal Feast (released on April 10). Formed in Richmond, Virginia in 2001 Municipal Waste has became the face of modern day crossover thrash. Other than gore and violence the main lyrical theme of their music is alcohol. These guys love to party! No band is better at blending horror and gore with comedy than these guys. As with most bands that have been influenced by punk, these guys can get political when they want to as well! This is Municipal Waste's first release on Nuclear Blast Records. At 37 minutes this is the longest Municipal Waste album to date. More after the jump!

Track by Track Breakdown:

1. "Waste in Space"- Eerie track made up of nothing but keyboards. Sounds like something out of a horror movie. Sets the tone of the album.

2. "Repossession"- Catchy lyrics. Short guitar solo towards the end. One of the strongest tracks on the album. They made a music video for this track which you can view here .

3. "New Dead Masters"- Cool lyrics (about a person becoming a zombie), Bass prominent (especially in the intro).

4. "Unholy Abductor"-  Short track (1min 20 sec), Nothing really sticks out on this track.

5. "Idiot Check"-  Cool guitar solo, Funny lyrics. One of my favorite tracks off the album.

6. "Covered in Sick/The Barfer"-  Funny lyrics (a guy is trying to figure out who puked on him only to realize that he himself is the barfer). Second longest track of the album.

7. "You're Cut Off"- Second shortest track on the album. Rebellious lyrics. They have a created an animated music video for this track which you can view here.

8. "Authority Complex"- Song lyrics show rejection of authority. Short yet amazing guitar solo.

9. "Standards and Practices"- Features guest vocals of Tim Barry (Ex-Avail),  Similar theme to "Authority Complex" except more anti-corporations than anti-authority. Really good track.

10. "Crushing Chest Wound"-  Cool intro. Nice riffing throughout.

11. "The Monster With 21 Faces"- Cool guitar riffs throughout, very short track.

12. "Jesus Freaks"- Nothing special about this track.

13. "The Fatal Feast"- Creepy keyboard intro. Catchy Chorus. Bass very prominent on this track. Features guest vocals from John Connelly (Nuclear Assault). The band has made a music video for this track which you can view here.

14. "12 Step Program"-  I really enjoyed the guitar riffs (as with most Municipal Waste songs). Other than that nothing special about this track.

15. "Death Tax"-  Good track. Very coherent vocals (even someone who doesn't listen to metal or punk should be able to understand everything Tony Foresta says).

16. "Residential Disaster"- Technically the longest song on the album. It plays for 4 minutes but the last minute and a half is nothing but dead silence. Really enjoyed this song.

Overall this is a very good album. It starts strong with "Waste in Space/Repossession" and ends strong with "Residential Disaster." Any fan of crossover thrash or just thrash in general will enjoy this album. The songs flow well throughout the album. Dave Witte's drumming is amazing as always. These neo-thrashers have always been talented musically. Unfortunately I can't bring myself to say that The Fatal Feast is better than Municipal Waste's previous albums. I'm not saying the album is bad or anything it's just that their past albums are so good that it would take a lot to top them. I can say with confidence that if you decide to buy this album you won't be disappointed.

Rating: 8.5/10

Top Picks: "Repossession"," Idiot Check", "Authority Complex", "Standards and Practices", and "The Fatal Feast"


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